Day Seventeen & Eighteen

Good evening Mon canard.

Day seventeen – It stopped raining in Leogang, and of course it’s the day I’m departing.  I spent the day driving from Leogang to Geneva, and it rained on me the entire way, 10 hours.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself just yet.

While in Leogang, I stayed in the same hotel I had those issues with earlier in my trip. I will leave this hotel unnamed for the sake of self-preservation. I had been in contact with the manager, and he helped me out on the cost of my stay and offset my food costs, so I decided to give them another shot. They were expecting me, and there must have been an astrix next to my name, because they were treating me like I was a bull in a china shop. That’s fine; I don’t understand anything they were saying, anyways. For the most part, the stay was pretty sound. They would not let me keep my bike in my room anymore, but they had a “secure” room to keep it in. I found it one morning spun 180 degrees to how I left it, so it led me to believe that this room wasn’t as secure as they previously stated. It didn’t get stolen, so I presume that’s fine.

One thing, and I know it’s no fault of the hotel. But as you know, we had our own “reserved” table for all our meals. Half way through my stay, a new family was seated at the table next to mine. A younger couple, with three kids. These people were the most unfit parents I had ever seen in my life. Their kids ran amuck every meal, disturbing everyone in the vicinity. But mostly, me. These kids were climbing all over my table, stealing my bread, poking at me and my food, one kid stole my bottle of water. Unfortunately every time I said something, they didn’t understand. Big surprised. I brought it to the attention of their father, who mumbled something in German, and continued his meal. They are lucky to not be planning three wakes right now, while I’m laughing all the way to ADX in Florence, Colorado. Odds are, if you’re a kid, I hate you. Through the associative property, if you’re a parent, I hate you too.

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Day eighteen – Geneva is pretty great. Lake Geneva is beautiful.


I’m obsessed with the Turkish kebab sandwiches.


And then, of course my phone dies, and I encounter the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. I was walking around looking for a cab, and I see this. Try and picture it, because it brought a tear to my eye, then put me in a fit of rage.

In a line, a Bentley Continental GT, a Maybach 62, and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

That’s all there is to say. I took off sprinting.

Now, I’m back in the hotel, mini-ballin’.


Tonya lands first thing tomorrow, then Tuesday we are heading to Paris. The cycling content is going to decline for about a week, and will hopefully pick up before I head back to the states. There will be plenty of food and scenery photos; you can always count on me for that.

This is a true story. Words have been changed to reflect the forgetfulness of the author

ThePriceSeliger – OUT!

Day Fifteen & Sixteen

Good Afternoon, Devotees.

Day 15 – The rain isn’t stopping. I got to take 4 laps on the downhill track, then I went to try and blow my race winnings on a massage. Without divulging too many details, I bailed on the spa. Too many naked German men for me to feel comfortable.

Some local cow to complete the evening.





Leogang has had five days on non-stop rain. I decided that if I could get out today, I’d try and get some footage. Leogang did not disappoint.

As I’m sure we can all agree, a quiet bike is a happy bike, and a quiet bike in the mud is one of the best things in the world. No music in this video, no 2Chainz instrumental, nothing. Just tires, and my bike. I do however turn into a motorcycle at the end. Excuse the mud on the lens, it was hard to get decent footage, but I feel like this gets the job done. Just be happy you can live vicariously through me while sitting on your couch watching Housewives re-runs.

Edit: I know I squeal like a child at Neverland Ranch, get over it.


Also, special thanks to Scott Klumb from SMK Media for the intro to my videos. He has been a huge help.

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

ThePriceSeliger – OUT!

Day Fourteen

Good morning Vietnam!

Can’t get enough Robin Williams, maybe I need to download that movie tonight.

Anywhoooo, I was convinced last night to head to Samerberg for a little race-series they run. Turns out it was pretty fun. Windy, and rainy. Classic Euro. Ended up second place in the “elite”(pro) class. I almost died mid-run, got blown in a headwind and cased a road-gap, body compressed into the handlebars, luckily I made it out alive. Walked away with 150 euro($193). I’m sure I’ll find a very reasonable thing to spend that money on.


Took two laps at Leogang on my way back. Really fun, as always. Perfect conditions, minus the wind.

Took advantage of the hotel spa as well, which I will be doing daily from here on out.

Didn’t get hated on too much today, but the official “friend” count is still a goose-egg. However, some people did talk to me today which was a very welcomes surprise!

Time to hit the mini-bar and… I don’t know, do something.


ThePriceSeliger – OUT!


Day Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

Good day, Lebowski

The bums have lost!

Sorry about the lack of updates. To keep the theme of my trip, I seem to have encountered a surplus of American-hating Germans, and a lack of Internet.

Day eleven included my visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, which was pretty amazing. I selfishly only went to see a Maybach because I’ve never seen one in person, and classically they did not have one. I did enjoy the engineering tour and the evolution of the engine, suspension, etc… I left impressed, yet feeling somewhat empty. I filled that emptiness with a steak and a bunch of beer from the “Hoffbrau”.

Day twelve, I wanted to go ride the Hindeland Bike Park. I didn’t know much about it, except it was big and steep. About two hours south of Stuttgart, I arrive. I’m greeted by more detestation. “Something, something, something, American” is what I heard, I just assume they said I was a handsome, respectful, American. But, maybe not. I grab my 18 Euro lift pass and head up. The trails were amazing. High speed, really loose, rocky, and a few big drops and a road gap that made you rather uneasy. As promised, a video.

After riding, across the street was another steakhouse. I indulge.





I then take an amazing drive to Lenggries, a small town in southern Germany, near the Austrian boarder. I find a hotel, and set up camp for the night.

Today I woke up to find the Lenggries Bike Park has closed for the week. They gave no reason as to why they closed, I can only assume they were just being grumpy, lazy Germans. And to be honest, that isn’t me being rude. That is a very accurate observation I’ve made over the past few weeks.  I decide to divert to Samerberg, I had a free lift pass waiting for me anyways. I took about five laps then decide to bribe the employees to use their shop to rebuild my bike. After so many power washes, my bike(Sandy), isn’t too happy. They let me into their shop for no cost. So big ups to them.

Again, another video. It’s a short one lap, but it’s an accurate representation of the mountain.

I left Samerberg, to meet some friends in Leogang, allegedly. Turns out they won’t be coming. Too bad for them! I plan on spending the next few days here, then heading to Geneva to meet up with someone rather special. Updates to come.

I have a few more of these to finish up, hopefully it didn’t effect my writing too bad.


My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski?

ThePriceSeliger – OUT!

Day Nine & Ten

Good evening, admirers.

The past few days have been pretty interesting. I’ve been plagued by rain, and snow. It’s been sloppy for lack of a better term. I arrived in Leogang(Legoland), only to be greeted by rain, then I wake up in the morning to snow.


I man up, and head to the lift. Turns out, they closed all the trails but their “green trail”. I decide to take a run, just to cure my boredom. Then at about 11AM, I decide it’s time to get on the road for more sunnier pastured. I close my eyes, and point at a map. Zurich it is.

6 hours later, I arrive, find a cheap hotel and crawl into bed for the night.

I was contemplating staying in Switzerland for a few days, but the weather was following me. I heard that Albstadt Bike Park was expecting some sun, so I drive two hours north into Germany. The park was really cool. Short, but fun. I rode a t-bar on my bike for the first time, so I can say that now. They mandate elbow guards also, which is pretty uncomfortable. But the trails were greasy, rooty, and rocky, which made for a nice afternoon. All the lips were made of mulch, which made me a bit hesitant.  Otherwise, I had a nice afternoon.

As promised, here is the video from Albstadt Bike Park, Germany.

I’m in Stuttgart, Germany now for two nights to compose myself and then off to Lenggries Bike Park. I got an e-mail from the park manager in Somerberg about my blog. He asked me to come down and visit his local race series on Thursday. Turns out, being a smartass on the internet will get you a free hotel room and lift pass. Wahoo!

Pizza time.

ThePriceSeliger – OUT!

Day Eight

Good evening, brownnosers.


The jersey contest is over. Congratulations to Mitchell McFee, he was lucky number 20. Once I feel the time is right for another giveaway, all current followers will be included. I hope you don’t feel too left out, because your feelings are my utmost concern.

I left Vicenza this afternoon to head back to my “homebase”, Leogang. The drive is pretty exciting. I got a speeding ticket for 145 km/h in an 80 km/h.

ImageThis is the first speeding ticket of my entire life, I’ve never been pulled over until today. All I had to do was give him 35 Euro, and I was on my way. Seems like more of a bribe than a fine. I gave him a 50 Euro bill, and drove off forgetting to get change from him, so they chased me back down about 10km later, pulled me back over. I thought I was going to jail, for sure. He walked out, gave me 15 Euro, and told me to have a nice day. What a strange experience. I then finished my drive under the speed limit, just to be safe.


As promised, I have some media for you to drool over.

First, I made a time-lapse of the drive from Leogang to Hopfgareten.

Second this is the Hopfgareten downhill track. This was a blind, first run, down the steepest track I can even fathom. Covered in mud and roots, it was an expereience for sure. My Go-Pro died after the first run, so enjoy. I fall once too, hope you like to hear me grunt.



ThePriceSeliger – OUT!


Day Six & Seven

Morning, Cronies.

Whew, what an interesting past few days. I left Leogang to go ride the Hopfgarten-Tirol Bike Park, in Hopfgarten, Austria. Wow, what an amazing course. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or ridden anything that steep in my life. It took all I had to not die. Video to come, once I can get a decent internet connection. After I took three laps on their race course, I decided it was time to find a hotel and call it a day. But, you guessed it, I cannot for the life of me find an open hotel, a restaurant, internet, or anything for that matter. The whole world is out to get me!

I have a friend living in Vicenza, Italy that I’ve been talking about visiting, so I decide now is the time for that. GPS in the van says 3.5 hours, sounds good. I head off, and after about 3 cups of coffee, a pretty amazing drive through the Dolomites, and 6.5 hours later, I’ve arrived.

We go out and have a few drinks and I call it a night to get some video editing done, and to write this blog post. But, yes, you guessed it again. The internet service is so weak I can’t load anything. Sorry to all my faithful followers, I guess internet and comfy beds are real luxuries here in Vicenza, Italy.

Today, there was a very large, and loud drug user convention.

Drug Users

And I went grocery shopping.


All I can hope for now is a good nights rest. I’ve slept more in the front seat of my car at gas stations, that I have in hotel beds. I went to the pharmacy and picked up some herbal sleeping “supplements”, so hopefully that will do the trick.

I can’t upload any video media today, due to slow internet connections, but hopefully tomorrow night I can get everything uploaded.

ThePriceSeliger – OUT!